Sextracts Sexual Wellness LogoWe are so proud of our science-based products here at Sextracts Sexual Wellness. From our all-natural, often organic herbal products such as SUPERCHARGED, EASY RIDER for him, and EASY RIDER for her, to our DAILY BOOSTERS, to our Sensual Spa Products, and even our soy and cotton candles; there is nothing artificial in anything we sell. From the ground up, Dr. Venus’ #1 rule is natural, natural, natural.

All of our herbal supplement ingredients come from peer-reviewed scientific articles. If there’s no scientific basis for an ingredient, we don’t use it. For example, one of our favorite sexual wellness herbs is Damiana. This curious herb seems to be effective for both men and women, and has been shown, in more than a few scientific studies, to increase blood flow to genital areas on both men and women. In folk medicine, those who are fans of it swear by it. In the scientific community, it turns out that the folk medicine got it right.

When it comes to our Sensual Spa Products, it would be easy (and cheaper) to simply add artificial emulsifiers. Emulsifiers allow the different ingredients to blend better, giving you a consistent product that never needs shaking. While this might be pleasing to look at, and may seem like it’s a higher quality product, chances are it’s the manufacturer fooling you into thinking that.

Our Sensual Spa Products contain only natural emulsifiers, all organic oils, and are scented with only pure essential oils from Essential Oil Exchange. Artificial scents are cheaper and very two-dimensional, but they often make spa products such as shampoo and shower gel stay blended better. Our products may need a shake from time to time, but all that is telling you is that you are holding a pure product with pure ingredients.

When it comes to our candles, we use only EcoSoy, the highest quality soy-based wax available. Coupled with cotton wicks, and essential oil only scents, you’ve got a luxury product at a non-luxury price.

How do we do all this?

Many think that we must have our products manufactured overseas. This is not true. Dr. Venus is adamant about producing our products in the USA. And, thanks to an extremely flexible group of manufacturers who specialize in small batches, we are able to get all of our products manufactured in the San Diego area.

If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, we’re just a phone call away. Our focus is business to business, but we treat every retail customer the same as our wholesale customers.