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Sextracts – All Natural Nothing Artificial

We are so proud of our science-based products here at Sextracts Sexual Wellness. From our all-natural herbal products, to our Sensual Spa Products, and even our soy and cotton candles; there is nothing artificial in anything we sell.

Why Sextracts? – Science Not Hype

All Sextracts Sexual Wellness products are based in science. If there's no scientific literature or case studies that accompany an herb that claims to be an aphrodisiac, we do not include it in our catalog. We include our references in all articles and product...

Science of Sextracts – Catuaba

This article explains the science behind Catauba; a natural sexual wellness herb which has been shown to be pharmacologically active. This herbal sexual enhancer is effective in both long and short term and is most effective for both men and women. For over a century,...