Sextracts Gingko Biloba Aphrodisiac

Sextracts Gingko Biloba

When researching Gingko for a completely different dietary supplement, I came across an interesting read in one of my favorite medical herbal books. It was an entire chapter devoted to Gingko biloba, listed as an herbal nootropic. About halfway into the article, there was a sections titled “Sexual effects.” I was intrigued. It turns out that Gingko biloba has a side effect to increasing memory clarity; it’s a powerful aphrodisiac that was effective in 84% of all subjects. That’s the same percentage that Viagra is effective for those who take it!

In this 1998 study by Cohen and Bartlik, they were studying Gingko’s effects on memory in elderly patients. They serendipitously found that it also improved sexual functioning. They then conducted an open trial that focused on gingko biloba for improving sexual function. This study had an equal number of males and females, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. Females reported a 91% effective rate across all four phases of the sexual cycle; desire, excitement, orgasm, and resolution. Males weren’t too far behind with a 76% success rate in all phases as well.

The amount given was about 240mg of raw Gingko biloba herb. Here at Sextracts, we offer a standardized concentrated version of that same Gingko, which allows us to expertly blend Gingko with other sexual enhancers for peak effectiveness.  Although these results were astonishing, a more controlled clinical trial is definitely needed to confirm these findings. But, as was part of our multi-year development process, we conducted our own informal study with our panel of experts. We did two trials; one was with Gingko alone, and the other was an early formulations of Easy Rider for him and Easy Rider for her.

Our results, as well, were nothing short of astonishing. Out of all the raw herbs we administered our panel, two came up over and over again for both males and females. A second one came up for females, and a different second one for males. And, in all our informal trials, the Sextracts blends proved to be more effective than the raw herb on its own.

Here’s a breakdown of the percentages in our informal study of 32 participants, an equal number of females to males. The study was conducted over a 3 month period, with 1 week for a specific herb, then a 2 week rest, and then 1 week for a different herb, and so on.

  • FEMALES / GINGKO = 85%
  • MALES / GINGKO = 70%
  • MALES / DAMIANA = 64%

We were stunned to find Gingko, Damiana, and Korean Red Ginseng as effective as they were. These became the cornerstones of our Sextracts formulations from then on.

A brief explanation of how penile erection occurs: The smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum is typically taut (the opposite of what you might think). When the smooth muscle relaxes, blood flow is increased into the penis, which produces erection and rigidity.